Bass Stick #05

The most highly-evolved in Batch #01 of my Cigar Box Digital instruments. The first to add large touch sensors after extensive play-testing. The speaker graphic is the traditional Chinese character for "electricity".

Bass Stick #07

The first DSP.Guitar ever built in a wooden cigar box. Originally conceived as a demo to show off electronics for a Kickstarter campaign, but so exciting to play, I kept pushing the design.

Bass Stick #06

Made from the best-looking cigar box in Batch #01. Features a gold and black color scheme, with black screws and black strap locks.

Bass Stick #04

Features a red and silver color scheme, with silver screws and silver strap locks.

Bass Stick #09

The first Bass Stick to use touch sensors played with the right hand. Also the first to feature a 16-position patch selection switch.

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